Passive 1

Change these sentences to the passive. When you are finished click on the Get Score button at the bottom of the page to see your score and the correct answers.

Don't use "by" if it's not really necessary. The passive voice is formed with: be + past participle of the main verb or be + being + past participle of the main verb.

Passive sentences are formed by:
1. Making the object of an active sentence the subject.
2. Changing the form of the verb.

active: The secretary will type the letter.
passive: The letter will be typed by the secretary.
active: They manufacture radios in that factory.
passive: Radios are manufactured in that factory

  1. People speak English in this class.

  2. Somebody stole my camera from my car.

  3. My brother ate all the left-overs that I had put in the fridge.

  4. A tramp picked up the old shoes from the garbage.

  5. A messenger will hand deliver the letter.

  6. She will translate the story into Spanish.

  7. The official didn't sign the letter.

  8. Nobody grows oranges in Toronto.

  9. The garbage men didn't pick up our garbage.

  10. Toyota makes Corolla.

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